Sunday, January 18, 2009

Liverpool boss Benitez admits contract row may unsettle players

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez admits delays over his new contract talks could unsettle his players.

"It is true we could face a similar situation with other players, not just (Dan) Agger," he said. "I wanted to finish with my contract in one week, so I could deal with other things, but it has not been possible.

"There was a problem with it, and I decided to stop the talks for the sake of the club and the team, so we could all concentrate on challenging for the title without any distractions.

"I really don’t know whether it will prove difficult to resolve or not. For me, it should be easy, because I am not talking about controlling everything.

"I am talking about football matters, working within a budget and making sure we continue to progress. That is all."

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