Friday, January 9, 2009

Rafa knocks Fergie off his perch

It’s been a long while but thankfully for football somebody has finally stood up and knocked Ferguson ‘off his perch’.

Nearly every week Ferguson decides to criticise the latest match referee, the Premiership or the FA. For too long the Man United boss has been able to question the integrity of many in the game - yet failing to look at some of the on-field antics of his players, his staff and even himself.

At today’s pre-match press conference Benitez was asked about Ferguson’s jibes that Liverpool won’t win the league and about Ferguson’s complaints about the fixture list. (For those of you who missed it Ferguson made comments along the lines of United being hard done by and that he would be ’sending a United delegation down to the Premier League to see how the fixtures are decided’.)

Benitez reached in to his pocket and highlighted some facts.

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