Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reds' title challenge could be decided on March 14

Fernando Torres believes Liverpool's title challenge could be decided when Reds visit Old Trafford in March.
Torres sat next to Cristiano Ronaldo today in Zurich's Opera House, as two of the five players nominated as the best in the world by FIFA.
Torres said leaders Liverpool will fight every inch of the way, and believes that the title is likely to be decided at Old Trafford when the Reds visit on March 14.

Torres said: "They are the favourites and the champions right now and have shown over the years they are a very powerful team.

"They have two matches more to play and if they catch up will be on top of the league.

"We know we have Old Trafford waiting for us and then Arsenal and Chelsea at home. We have to fight until the very end.

"The match at Old Trafford could turn out to be the decider and we hope we can be on an equal footing when we go there and try to win the match at a place that has not been advantageous for us in the past."

Torres admitted that many Liverpool fans would value a domestic title more than victory in Europe again.

He added: "Of course this is extremely important for Liverpool and the people in the city.

"It is 19 years since they won the Premier League and I realise for them it is possibly more important than the Premier League.

"We are fighting with Manchester United and Chelsea, we have a good chance and we want to give this to the club and the fans as they have been waiting for, for so many years.

"But we know what Manchester United is all about - they are club champions of Europe and the world. We do respect this team, we know the class of this team, they have classy players and they are the favourites, but we will fight to keep up with them and perhaps be ahead of them when the end comes."

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