Saturday, January 31, 2009


Letting Rafael Benitez leaves Liverpool would be the biggest mistake in the club’s history, Fernando Torres said in an interview with the Liverpool Daily Post.

Benitez’s future is in doubt after rejecting a proposed new contract but Torres hopes everything will be sorted as soon as possible.

“Negotiations always take time and there’s a lot to sort out but I’m sure he’ll end up renewing his contract,” said Torres.

“Sooner or later they’ll come to an agreement. Rafa wants the best for him and for the club, so I’m not worried.

“He’s been like a father to me and I hope and trust that he continues.
“He’s been very important for me: he gave me confidence and taught me so much. He’s one of the coaches you learn the most from.

“He’s given a lot to the club and brought in some great players. Some of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. If you ask the other players, they’d tell you the same thing.

“Letting Rafa go would be a mistake and a great pity.”

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