Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lampard refuses to accept excuses

Frank Lampard says the Chelsea players cannot use dressing room disharmony as an excuse for poor performances.

Guus Hiddink takes over at Stamford Bridge next week and reports suggest one of his main tasks will be to make sure the players are all pulling in the same direction.

However, Lampard insists the focus should simply be on raising their game rather than worrying about matters off the pitch.

“Everyone is talking about uniting dressing rooms, but the players just need to perform,” he said in The Daily Mail.

“We have to worry about our own performances. That will make the manager's job easy.

“If you start looking for problems in a dressing room, you'll find them. If you just worry about yourself and your own performance, you can hold your head up high every day.

“I can't worry about everyone else and what's going on in their head.

“I know I play with a lot of top players who want to win things and it's hurting us that we are not right at the top of The Premier League at the moment, but every player and club has to go through little ups and downs in their career.

“The strong ones come through it."

Lampard says he feels the lack of continuity at the club has been less than ideal, but he is backing Hiddink to rescue their season.

“Hopefully, Hiddink can bring us some glory this season,” he said.

“We're still in the league and if we can get back to winning games regularly then who knows what can happen?

“It's important we don't drop our heads in any shape or form.

He added: “Hiddink is a top name and technically he makes teams play very well.

“It's not ideal – we'd all love to stick with the same manager and have success for many years – but that's not football.

“We're fortunate enough we've got an owner and a club that has come in and given us all our dreams at Chelsea, so I don't think you can complain too much and you've just got to keep going.”

Hiddink paid a visit to Chelsea’s Cobham training ground on Thursday to meet the players.

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