Sunday, February 1, 2009

Liverpool's Xabi gets one over bitter rival Lampard

Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso had the last laugh on Chelsea rival Frank Lampard yesterday.

The England midfielder was controversially sent off in the second half of Chelsea's showdown at Anfield, leaving Lampard a frustrated spectator as his side were beaten by two late Fernando Torres goals.

On Sunday morning, Lampard admitted there was tension between the pair.

He told the Mail on Sunday: "We’ve played them so many times in big games so lots of individual tensions build up. There is always something between me and Xabi Alonso, for instance."

Quizzed about breaking Xabi's leg in 2005, Lampard replied: "Yes, I know, and it was a foul and I got booked, so I am not trying to plead innocence, but it was a tap, it wasn’t anything nasty; the sort of tackle that happens all the time, both ways.

"That night, when I heard how it had worked out, I felt very bad and phoned to apologise but he wouldn’t really have it and ever since he has that look in his eye when we meet, and there is always a bit of jostling and shoving."


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  2. lampard banned have been lift as Riley confess that he made a mistake...

    damn referee!