Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Parry reveals club quota plan

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry has announced that all 20 Premier League clubs are considering introducing a quota system for a minimum number of home-grown players in squads.

The Reds' supremo, who was previously chairman of the League before taking up his current position at Anfield in 1998, revealed the plan which could end the proposal by UEFA president Michel Platini to restrict club spending.

"It was discussed at the Premier League last week and it will be given more consideration, even if it is a way off being decided," said Parry. "We have not agreed a figure, just the principal that some minimum limit of home-grown players makes sense.

"In part it's a response to the Government, who want to see something, as does Michel Platini of course, so it's about not being entirely negative and isolationist but taking on board the ideas that do have merit and being in step with Europe rather than always being out of step. It's a longer road towards competitive balance but it is a more proactive road to follow."

The ruling would not necessarily see an increase of English players featuring in sides but it would see an increase in players who have been trained and nurtured by the respective club. Nabil El Zhar is one example in the first team at Anfield of how the system would work. The Moroccan was born in France but signed for the Reds when he was 20 years old and has been at the club ever since.

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