Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guess whos going to get sprinting lessons from Usain Bolt??

When you are top of the pile you have to keep working to stay ahead of the competition. So if fourth-placed Aston Villa are considering sending their young speed merchants Gabriel Agbonlahor and Ashley Young to Michael Johnson’s Sprint Academy, Manchester United have to go one better.

Cristiano Ronaldo is set for sprinting lessons from the fastest man in the planet this summer. Usain Bolt is expected to be basing himself in London while he competes on the European circuit and was apparently desperate to meet C-Ron during his stay. Ronaldo’s people agreed to grant Bolt an audience with the great man on the condition that he got a few sprint lessons out of it!
Bolt’s manager Ricky Simms said: “It’s definitely going to happen. We’ll sort something out this summer when Usain comes to Europe.”

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