Saturday, April 4, 2009

Carra Loves the Rants between Rafa and Fegie

Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has brushed aside suggestions that Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson is a hated figure on Merseyside - but he does find his disagreements with Reds boss Rafael Benitez amusing.

He told The Independent that the media mind-games between ‘Fergie’ and ‘Rafa’ are an essential source of entertainment.

"To be honest, I love it," he chortled.

"I think it's brilliant. I think most Liverpool fans would respect [Alex Ferguson] - you don't have to like him but you have to respect him.

"As for the stuff between the managers, I think it's hilarious and I do watch it and I do read it and I try to put myself in their position and think, 'What would I say back if they said that?' It's great entertainment. Maybe it does have an effect, who knows?"

Benitez has today attempted to put aside personality politics as the season enters its run-in - something that Carragher is eager to do himself.

"It's hard dealing with your mindset because you don't want to get too excited but you think about it a lot," he said as the Anfield squad close the gap on United.

"You think about it yourself and you realise the impact on the people around you.

"That's why me and Stevie [Steven Gerrard] ... we're not just doing it for ourselves. All these people in the city want the title so badly but they, well, they can't do that much about it. So you want to do it for other people.

“How can I explain? It's like this: you want your kids to have more than you, better than you. You'd give everything for them, and that's the way it feels sometimes with the fans and the league title. It's not really for you, you just want to give them something. You are desperate because you know how much people want to win.

"If it happens it happens. I speak to Stevie about it and probably we talk about it too much and that brings pressure and a bit of anxiety. We are local lads and we will still be around here when we have finished playing."

Nonetheless, silverware isn't everything.

"If we don't win it we will still have had decent careers that we can look back on. Look at the players who haven't won the Champions League. Ronaldo – and I mean the Brazilian Ronaldo – he was, he is, a fabulous player," continued the England international.

"If it doesn't happen we just have to accept it. We have a few more years to do it but it is something we would love to tick off. I am trying to get myself round to thinking like that so it will soften the blow [if Liverpool don't win the title]."

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