Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Liverpool the Most Exciting & Adventurous team in Europe???

Boring. Defensive. One-dimensional. All adjectives used to describe Liverpool this and the past few seasons.

Yet they are the Premier League's top scorers with 59 (four more than Chelsea and five more than both Manchester United and Arsenal) and have netted 23 times in their past seven games.

Last night's 4-4 thriller at Chelsea was the fourth time in seven matches that Liverpool have scored four or more. And that includes encounters with Real Madrid, Manchester United and Aston Villa.

So that's the goals argument tidily tucked away. But what about their penchant for serving up sheer excitement on the European stage?

Under Rafael Benitez we have witnessed the comeback against Olympiakos (2-0 down on aggregate in the second half of the second leg, 2-1 down with nine minutes to go, 2-2 but trailing to the away goal with four minutes left and then Gerrrrrraaaaaard ... ), the Champions League final to end all finals with AC Milan (3-0 down at half-time, three goals in five minutes, extra time then victory on penalties) and now the Stamford Bridge sensation.

Manchester United are renowned for their attacking flamboyance, Arsenal for their purist football and Barcelona for their superstars. But isn't it time to recognise Liverpool for what they really are: the most exciting team in Europe?

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