Sunday, May 17, 2009

Foul Play : The Seven Deadly Sins of Football

"Foul Play: The Seven Deadly Sins of Football" have been put together by a team of the Guardian and Observer's award-winning sports writers, who have scratched beneath the shiny veneer of the modern Premier League era and discovered that the beautiful game has a secret history of the odd, the unexpected and the downright shady.

Its a must read for all the Premier League Followers and You can Grab the Copy of the series of this football supplements being given away free in The Guardian and The Observer from this Saturday (in the UK only).

The Series has Seven Editions and will be included from 16th May - 22nd May.

Here's an overview of the Seven Deadly Sins of Football :
  • 16 May - Greed featuring David Beckham and Ashley Cole
  • 17 May - Pride featuring Andrei Arshavin and Mike Ashley
  • 18 May - Wrath featuring Craig Bellamy and Roy Keane
  • 19 May - Envy featuring Bruce Grobbelaar and Daniel Lloyd
  • 20 May - Gluttony featuring Mark Bosnich and Gazza
  • 21 May - Sloth featuring John Terry and Ian Rush
  • 22 May - Lust featuring David Mellor and Robinho

Don't Miss it.....Make Sure You Read It!!!

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