Friday, May 29, 2009

Liverpool on High Alert as Lavezzi's Rapport Broken with Napoli

Liverpool are on high alert after Ezequiel Lavezzi’s agent declared “the rapport with Napoli is practically broken.”

The Argentine, nicknamed ‘Pocho’, was the subject of a huge bid from the Anfield club that would triple his current wages.

Napoli turned it down, but the situation is deteriorating at the Stadio San Paolo and he may have played his final game for the side.

“With each moment that passes, Lavezzi is further away from Napoli and we cannot guarantee he will return here after the World Cup qualifiers in Argentina,” announced agent Alejandro Mazzoni on Sky Italia.

“We need to sit around a table and see what is to be done. He feels that the club doesn’t love him any more and cannot be happy with this situation.

“I can say the rapport with Napoli is practically broken.”

The player is asking for a contract extension to 2013 with improved wages, which are currently at £1m per season.

“The last meeting with director general [Pierpaolo] Marino to discuss this matter was seven months ago,” continued a furious Mazzoni.

“We received an offer from an English club, but he told us not to begin any negotiations because Napoli wanted to renew the deal with Ezequiel.

“He asked me for some time, but from that moment neither Marino nor President [Aurelio] De Laurentiis have answered our phone calls.

“Lavezzi himself tried calling the President, but the phone was not picked up.”

Pocho is a huge favourite with the fans, who dubbed him the ‘new Diego Maradona’ after his spectacular performances at the San Paolo.

“Lavezzi is not enjoying this situation at all. He would like to remain at Napoli just because he loves the city and its fans, but the rapport with the club is practically broken.

“I cannot say for sure whether he will be at the summer training camp if things don’t change. The club owns his contract, but not his head.”

The 24-year-old joined Napoli from San Lorenzo in 2007, scoring 15 goals in 64 games for the Italians.

He was listed 14th in the round-up of 50 most promising young players in the world, according to The Times.

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  1. This is a good news to Anfield..since Tevez look uncertain to.. make a move..