Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fergie Dreaming of Liverpool Star at Old Trafford

Manchester United are ready to test Liverpool with a £40m bid for KOP Favourite Fernando Torres.

Fergie Should Stop Dreaming and Get Back to Reality because Anfield is no "Theatre of Dreams".Fergie Must be going from a Mental Trauma after the Ronaldo Sale.

In a sensational report this morning in the Sunday Express, it seems that Man Utd boss Sir Alex Ferguson has decided to test the resolve on Liverpool’s hard-up owners by sending a £40m bid for their Spanish superstar Fernando Torres.

Liverpool paid £20m for Torres two years ago, and Ferguson thinks that the financial problems at Anfield would force Hicks and Gillet to seriously consider the chance of making £20m profit on a deal that could help wipe out this seasons deficit in one foul swoop.
Just the thought of Ferguson bidding for Torres will severely anger the Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez, who has been locked in a war of words woth Ferguson for the last six months.

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