Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Merseysiders Could Share the New Stadium

In order for English Liverpool and Everton to take part in the 2018 World Cup bid, the clubs will be required to share a new venue.

The news was announced by England’s 2018 bid committee earlier this week in the Observer, after the group determined that neither Anfield nor Goodison Park meet FIFA’s criteria.

As a result, the newest stadium would be located in between Liverpool and Everton’s current venues. In fact, Liverpool has already shown interest in constructing a new venue at the same location singled out for Stanley Park, with bidding stakeholder North-West Regional Development Agency supporting the dual arrangement.

Liverpool City Council head Warren Bradley commented on the situation, noting that the new stadium would cost about GBP 300 million and house 60,000 supporters.

Bradley further advised that while opposing fans may be reluctant to accept a shared venue, similar arrangements are successfully in place in other countries.

The future of Stanley Park could become clearer following an upcoming among stakeholders, including directors at Liverpool and Everton.

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