Friday, August 7, 2009

Benitez proves his critics wrong

Liverpool and their manager Rafa Benitez have to some extent finally proved their critics wrong with the purchase of Alberto Aquilani following the sale of Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid.

Benitez has come in for some fierce criticism over the last 12 months due to his transfer activity, his laughable attempt to sign Gareth Barry last season and the debacle that was Robbie Keane being good examples.

However his capture of Aquilani has shown that he is still a man to be reckoned with.
Any neutral observer would have been of the opinion that the sale of Alonso would have harmed Liverpool’s title aspiration but these thoughts were quickly put to one side with the announcement that Aquilani would be coming in.

In fact it can be argued that Liverpool have strengthened their squad as opposssed to weakening it, they have brought in Glen Johnson and Aquilani (once it is confirmed) and lost Arbeloa and Alonso.

Others have been sold and bought but all periphery to the senior team and when you consider how Man Utd have weakened since last season, Chelsea have not strengthened and Arsenal are well just Arsenal then Liverpool can claim to be the only team stronger now than they were last season.

Alonso will be missed but Aquilani is without doubt a class act and can be even more effective than what Alonso was, at the very least Liverpool are not worst off.

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