Thursday, October 1, 2009

Xabi does miss Liverpool and will always do

Xabi Alonso is delighted to be at Real Madrid however his brother Mikel, formerly of Bolton, and now in La Liga with Tenerife, believes he is missing his old club Liverpool.

The two siblings faced each other over the weekend, during which the eldest brother took home the bragging rights after a 3-0 Real Madrid win. Mikel suggests Xabi will always hold Liverpool, Anfield and the Premier League in high regard.
Mikel Alonso told “We talked a lot about it.”
“He made the decision, but you know there were a lot of times it was between Liverpool and Real Madrid because they are very big clubs, but I think my brother is happy now and that's important,”
“He had a lot of success at Liverpool, he had some very beautiful and good years there and I think Liverpool supporters are going to miss him, because he plays a good game and I think he's a very important player for any team that wants to be the best.”
Mikel refused to be drawn on the reasons why his brother left Anfield.
He says: “I think everything becomes important when you make a decision.”
“Maybe because he had already spent four years there and maybe sometimes you need a change.”
“I think I'm not the best person to talk about this stuff, but you know I think he's happy and this is the most important thing.”
“He has a big respect and great memory of Liverpool the stadium, the supporters, everything,”
“He misses that - he does miss that, but life goes ahead and sometimes changes come...”
He concluded: “I think he's very happy now.”
“I think he thinks the years in Liverpool were very happy years and he grew as a football player and now he's in another team and has new objectives and goals and now he is happy again.”

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