Saturday, November 28, 2009

Man City will bid for Torres if Liverpool fail to qualify

Manchester City will make a £50million bid for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres.

Man City’s billionaire owners believe if Liverpool fail to qualify for next season’s Champions League, an offer for their star striker will be hard to refuse

However, if City do want to sign the Spanish striker, qualifying for the Champions League is a must and following Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Hull, finishing in the top four can’t be taken for granted as the Blues lie sixth in the table, 2 points ahead of Liverpool.

A source said: “Make no mistake about it, this club is ambitious. They believe there is not a player in the world who is outside their budget and that includes Torres.

“The owners are in it for the long haul. Initially, their number one target is the Champions League next season. But they see that only as the launching pad for greater things.

“They are now probably the wealthiest club on the globe – now they want to be the best.”

However, Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez insisted he would quit if Torres was sold to balance the books and pay off the growing debt on the club.

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