Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Liverpool legend calls for Liverpool to sack Rafa

John Aldridge has criticised Rafael Benitez's tactics and called for the Liverpool board to sack him.

“This is the lowest point in my lifetime as a Liverpool fan," said the former Liverpool striker.

“Rafa's departure would be an upheaval but he would've lost his job by now if he was at another top club. The question is - do Liverpool have the money to pay off the remainder of his contract?

“Liverpool must finish in the top four, whatever it takes. Anything else would be a disaster for the club already weighed down in debt. Sadly, I can't see any way they'll claim that final Champions League spot - unless they get back on track soon'

“Benltez can't claim injuries are the problem, as both Torres and Gerrard are now fit and playing.

“However, he’s still employing baffling tactics - such as sending out a defensive team against the Premier League's bottom club and getting beaten.”

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