Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carragher will move on if not offered new deal

Can anyone imagine Jamie Carragher playing for any other club than Liverpool?

Any Liverpool fan would just say no if ever asked that question.But the ground reality might be something different.

"It's up to the club, isn't it? I play my football and I've got 12 months left in the summer. The club will give me a new contract if they want to. If not it doesn't matter, I'll still play my best and if I have to move then I'll move, no problem. It wouldn't bother me.

"I made the England decision [to retire from international football] quickly and didn't dwell on it, and I'm not scared of making big decisions. It's a club thing. It's down to them. I'll keep playing and see where it takes me."

The idea of Carragher playing for anyone but Liverpool requires a long leap of the imagination but Liverpool's apparent refusal to open talks before he enters the final year of his contract is in sharp contrast to their recent policy of offering a number of their established players lengthy new contracts...

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