Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hicks looking towards profit on sale

Liverpool co-owner Tom Hick claims he expects to make four times the money he invested when the club is sold.

He and co-owner George Gillett officially announced LFC is for sale yesterday, appointing Martin Broughton as chairman to oversee the sale.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal the Texan said “I should make four times my money.”

Staggeringly, he claims he expects the Club to be sold for between £600m to £800m, saying “Liverpool will be the most profitable investment I’ve ever made.”

Hicks and Gillett bought the Club in February 2007, promising not to place debt onto the club – which they subsequently did (£243m at present) – promising to build a new stadium and “have a spade in the ground within 60 days” – something they haven’t delivered over 3 years later. Add in the broken promises of star signings like ’snoogy doogy’, their infighting, public spats, approaching Klinsmann and a net transfer spend of approximately £2m over the last 4 transfer windows and it’s not hard to see why fans are unhappy with their “custodians”.

Yet Hicks still can’t see it, “When you feel fans turn against you it’s very frustrating” he said.

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