Saturday, November 13, 2010

Game Over for Hodgson - Resign or Get Sacked

Every liverpool fan is worried by the fact of the team losing week in week out.Fans,Players or any one related to Liverpool football club has not been able to come out of the trauma of last season finishing seventh in the league, certainly not where liverpool belongs.

Roy Hodgsson was appointed as the new manager to put some fresh air into the club,to give confidence and put the horrible last season behind the back of the mind.

There were off the field issues at the start of the season which were a big problem, though cannot be used as an excuse for the resutls on the pitch.The new owners are in place which is not an issue anymore.

As far the new season is concerned, there doesn't seem to be any progress since his arrival.LFC has instead come down to a new low.Many things like being in the relegation zone, losing to blackpool at home and many other things which are simply not acceptable.

Roy has been mentioning the depth of the squad, then why let the likes of Aquilani leave on loan to Juventus.Though most people are not his biggest fans but he could have certainly provided some creativity which liverpool do lack.He could have been sold and a ideal replacement could have been bought from the money generated from the sale.

Last season liverpool had a very tough start to the season and ended up finishing seventh.Start of this season has been far more worse than last season, so no one can predict where liverpool would be at the end of the season.

If Roy Hodgson is just been given more time then who knows how many more defeats everyone has to witness.

So it will be best interest of the club to get King Kenny back to Dugout.As he is the only one who can get Liverpool out of trouble like he did years ago on the pitch.


  1. OK, let's bring in a new manager, even the King, but keep in mind that if the slide continues after the fact that the problem almost everyone has ascribed to Roy is far more systemic. The club remains in a precarious position and until NESV can truly start to put their stamp on LFC it's doubtful that we'll see evenness return to its former glories. January will be indicative of this starting point, but it won't be until later next summer when most of the owner's vision for the future will be stamped into place. Hodgson, Kenny, whomever comes in at this point will continue to struggle to keep our lads mid-table - that's just where we're at as a club.

    That said, if style of play changes to become more positive, generates more scoring, presses the whole field more to our expectations, even with a poor result it's the effort going into the match that we should be paying attention to. Stoke was abysmal not only because of the result but because the effort, focus, and intensity was completely lacking in every facet of the game. The fragility of the squad, which is indicative of both painfully limited quality on the bench, tactical confusion, and continued instability from both the past and the drama being wrought mainly by the twelfth man who REFUSE to adjust their expectations to comport with reality all contribute to the traumatic style of play we're seeing on the pitch.

    We should always keep our standards as fans - we want to win the LFC way - but our expectations leading into this season have been totally unrealistic. When Rafa left we were a team in decline, and when Roy entered that decline had not stopped. Just righting the ship, for whomever continues on as boss, is going to be an almost superhuman task. As fans, should Roy be sacked, it behooves all of us to accept that it's just possible that our team as it's currently configured is just middling. Hopefully, when that happens (as it likely will) we'll just have to try and be a little more patient.

  2. Well i would certainly like to make a point here.LFC has certainly been on a decline,no doubt about it.All fans want a quick fix to the problem which is a very difficult task.But the kind of tactics which are being used by Roy, there doesn't seem to be any positives from it.

    No one wants liverpool to finish the same way as they did last season.Every new manager needs time to put things in right place.But if we keep being patient then may come end of season, liverpool might be at the bottom half of the table and that is not something any one wants to witness.

    But the defeat to blackpool at anfield or losing home games is just not acceptable,it still haunts.You cannot loose to a newly promoted side at home with the kind of players we have at our disposal as compared to them.If we lack firepower in attack because of lack of attacking players is something which can be considered but why are we conceding so many goals week in week out.Just look at the number of clean sheets pepe has got this season.

    I would certainly like to see king kenny to be the next manager. He can provide that magic which liverpool really need badly because he breathes liverpool and would certainly not take any s**t from fergie or any one talking about lfc.

    Just hope for things to get better as soon as possible.

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