Thursday, February 19, 2009

Babel: I want to be Kop hero like Torres

Liverpool's Ryan Babel is hoping to put an indifferent season behind him – by becoming a Kop idol like Fernando Torres, reports the Liverpool Echo.

"With Robbie (Keane) having gone to Tottenham that has increased my chances a little more," said the 22-year-old Dutch forward. "I feel that I am ready for more playing time so hopefully that will come.

"I have spoken with the manager and he has told me what my role can be in the future. If necessary, I will play as a winger, but I have made no secret of my desire to play as a striker at Liverpool.

"Fernando has wonderful movement and that is what makes him the player he is. It’s definitely an area where I can get better, so I look at him in training.

"My shooting with my left foot could be better, too, and Fernando is good with both feet so I have been watching how he positions his body to strike the ball.

"I have to keep telling myself that I am only 22. it is easy to forget that.

"It is good for me that I have been playing more as a striker because that is where I feel most comfortable.

"But I have time on my side and there are more players in the squad who have more experience and are good in that role, too.

"As long as I am playing, though, I am happy being anywhere on the pitch."

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