Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Torres : Aguero will leave Vicente Calderon some day

The former Atletico Hitman Fernando Torres has admitted today that he thinks Sergio Aguero will have to leave Atletico Madrid at some stage in order to further his career.

The Argentine has impressed with the Spanish side and has attracted the interest of many of the top clubs around Europe.

Whilst he has stated on many occasions that he doesn't want to leave Atletico, the rumours have persisted, and with a top four finish not a guarantee by any means this season, he could even be off this summer.

Torres, who finally left Atleti to join Liverpool two seasons ago, told La Razon that he thinks the day will come when Aguero will leave too.

"Kun is growing to be one of the best players at Atletico and the moment will come when he realises he has to leave," he explained.

"I am sure that Kun feels very happy there but the time will arrive when he thinks it has finished, and the big clubs do not always wait for you. A moment will come when a decision has to be made and the club will have to understand it…If he is lucky, they will understand it as they did with me."

Certainly the Atletico fans still have a special place for Torres and there is no doubt that he is still loved at the club.

He revealed that Atletico still has a place in his heart and that he will return some day, but that "one thing does not have to do with the other".

"I had to find what was best for my career and the decision to leave was the right one. Perhaps today I even think I could have left earlier, it wouldn't change anything. I knew the club I was going to and I believe that I made the right choice," he concluded.

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