Monday, March 30, 2009

Barry delays Villa stay and open doors for Liverpool

Aston Villa midfielder Gareth Barry won't make a decision over his future until the summer.

He has only 15 months remaining of his current contract at Villa but is playing a straight bat to any questions about whether his 12-year spell at the club will end in the summer.

Liverpool target Barry said: "What happens in the summer if Villa don't finish fourth? These are the sort of negative comments being thrown at me that I'm trying to push away from the whole squad.

"My aim is on the eight games to go and I still believe we can finish in the top four. I'm hopeful the rest of my team-mates are too.

"The way we've played this season, there's no reason why we can't get enough points from the last eight games to be there or there abouts.

"That is all I am focusing on and anything after that, I'll deal with at the end of the season."

Barry is keen to play Champions League football and believes the experience would make him a better player at international level.

He said: "I've yet to play in the Champions League. If I'm playing regularly there, hopefully my game can come on and make me a better international player.

"International football gives you confidence, being a regular in the England team, when you go back to your club.

"You feel a couple of feet taller, knowing you've played for one of the best countries in the world.

"That gives you a lot of confidence to go and play in the Premier League again."

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