Friday, June 5, 2009

Lavezzi's Liverpool Move Doubtfull

The Napoli striker Ezequiel Lavezzi has been strongly linked with both Liverpool and Man Utd this week, and both clubs have been reported to have had discussions with his agent.

Lavezzi believed that he had an agreement with Napoli that he would be allowed to move this summer if a big club made an offer, and he accused the Napoli management of being “disrespectful”.

But now the Napoli president, Pierpaolo Marino, says that he has smoothed out his differences with the player, and he will definitely not be moving this summer.
“I shall keep Lavezzi at Napoli,” he told Corriere dello Sport. “I have nothing else to say.
“I met him the other day in Bratislava, and he said he was happy to stay in Naples, and that he would respect his contract.”
The Argentine international is only 24 years-old, so there is still lots of time for him to move to a bigger club if his form carries on from this season.

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