Monday, January 31, 2011

Liverpool to have a new NO 9, will he be a KOP favourite??

As far it seems, fernando torres looks certain to join chelsea just because he thinks at stamford bridge he can win more trophies then he can do it at Liverpool.

Liverpool are in talks with Newcastle United to bring Andy Caroll to anfield to replace torres.

Is Andy Carroll the right man to replace torres.Well that just needs to be seen what happens when that deal goes through.

If you go by the statistics, Andy Carroll is in the star in the making and the kind of form he has shown, surely the KOP will throw all their support and they will just love him.

There will be mixed reactions from the liverpool fans, whether is carroll really worth the money liverpool is willing to pay.

But fernando has been highly mistaken and im sure he will certainly regret this thing in the future.Every Liverpool fan would be desperate to hear the thing from him that he made a wrong choice by choosing chelsea over liverpool.

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