Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will Torres be convinced to stay put at Liverpool?

The situation at anfield is not good at the moment with Fernando Torres handing in a transfer request.

I certainly sense there is someone playing a part in turning his head around to quit anfield.As the comments made by him earlier in the month that he is commited and is going to be commited the way he was when he joined liverpool doesn't go well with what he has done with handing in a transfer request.It can even be his spanish player friends at Barca with the like to Iniesta, Gerard pique , David Villa and many more asking him to do so.With no disrespect to their playing capabilities or them but if they influencing nando's decision to quit anfield then certainly no liverpool fan would respect that.It is usually been observed that they making comments on asking him to leave liverpool and join chelsea or barca.

Well whatever the case might have been but its certainly not good for liverpool.

Im sure King Kenny and Steven Gerrard must be doing their best to convince Fernando that it is the right place to be and liverpool is not a sinking ship anymore.The future is bright ahead for liverpool football club.

The owners have showed their intent by signing a top class player like Luis Suarez.So its still clueless why fernando torres has broken hearts of so many liverpool fans.

So i think the other spanish players like Xabi Alonso and Pepe Reina can convince him.If not then im sure Rafa can give him some good advice to stay put.He was always like a father figure for Nando.

I don't know who hell on earth other than these people can convince him.

Make your comments on the current situation and what do u think of it.


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  2. Torres Liverpool fans love you even if you go the love we share will still be there but the day you made a promise will always make you know what you did was wrong. this days football as change,don't think because of champions League make a wrong decision you will never forgive yourself.I know no one can stop you from going where ever you wish to but think very well...To me Blues doesn't fit you because there's not difference between Both clubs... am not talk because am Liverpool fan but to be honest i love you F.Torres so much that i can't do without using you on my PS3 soccer... Remember this words : Never Walk Alone but why are you trying to walk alone just because of the little problem they have and trying to fixed it.. why can't you go when we have big problem why now that we find the answer to the problem you said you are going...Words for you Nando...Torres : A great man is the one who fight hard to fixed all his problem and never let anyone knows about it but why are you trying to let people know your problem.. why can't you fixed it then you can tell anyone you wish.. all the best.